My Reading Class

In My Reading Class, your child will progress steadily through a series of lessons that will give him or her the ability to decode the printed letters that make up any written word in English, whether or not he or she has ever seen the word before, independent of meaning or context.

The programme introduces the sounds of English in a logical sequence that constantly builds the child’s cumulative knowledge of how to attack written words. Lessons written with specially limited vocabularies eliminate distraction and incorporate sight words gradually so that phonetic methods of sounding out words are always emphasised. Memorisation of individual words is a necessity, but in accordance with our method, does not become the child’s primary method.

Children learn to systematically associate the sounds of English with their common spelling patterns to write words correctly.

Children will be constantly exposed to new vocabulary using engaging methods. They will be expected to recognize some irregular and common words on sight.

Children learn to become responsible for their learning not only through doing homework and reading practice at home but also by completing spelling tests successfully.

Explicit teaching, one-on-one guided reading practice, and group reading practice, are conducted in a way that is relevant and engaging in an environment geared towards focus on engagement with printed text and writing materials.

Children are gradually introduced to basic grammar, capitalisation and punctuation conventions that are key to reading and understanding written sentences, paragraphs, dialogues, and stories.

As students become more fluent readers, teachers will spend less time focusing on decoding skills and more time on reading comprehension and grammar, and will expect students to complete writing activities using correct capitalisation, punctuation and spelling.