Straits Times advises parents to read to kids at home

We at My English School thought parents would be interested in a Straits Times article over at AsiaOne that recommends reading at home interactively as part of a series on preparing children for a smooth transition to school. Of course, even after your child starts Primary school, reading at home is a good idea!

The Reading Programmes at My English School develop English language skills using code markings that help children make the sounds of the letters and of different letter combinations (such as the “f” sound spelled “ph”). They are thus able to read aloud accurately even as beginner readers of a language with significant spelling irregularities.

As young readers become practised at decoding, they begin to recognise words as whole units and no longer need to rely on markings or decode words sound by sound.

We think our method strongly supports both learning and love of learning, but… we see your child only 90 minutes a week! Be sure to review the lessons at home so your child can apply what is being taught in class, and supplement instructional books from MES and from your child’s school or pre-school with storybooks that are simply for fun.

To find out how to choose a book that is the right level to stimulate and engage your child’s interest, click the link below and read the article!

Source article: Read with your child

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