Stronger readers at age 7 will see higher incomes as adults, study finds

We at My English School thought parents would be interested in an article over at AsiaOne that indicates a link between childhood reading skill and adult income.

Researchers in the UK found that “a child’s mathematics and reading scores at age seven are key indicators of socio-economic status in adulthood.”

We all know that education is very important and that scholastic skills, both language and maths, can determine a child’s career path. But just how big a difference can reading make?

“Reading made such a difference that going up just one reading level at age seven was associated with a £5,000 (S$9,600) increase in income at age 42.”

The clear message is that you can make a big impact on your child’s future if you ensure that he or she learns to read in nursery school or kindergarten, before reaching Primary 1, and builds a strong foundation for lifelong literacy.

Source article: Master reading, maths early for a good start in life