Why an owl?

My English School chose an owl as its mascot because owls are associated with wisdom and learning. Here you can read some interesting facts about our owl!

athena1 The reason owls are associated with wisdom in Western culture is that the owl was the special bird of the Greek goddess Athena, the clever warrior goddess after whom the Greek city Athens is named. The owl of Athena has appeared on Greek coins for centuries.coins

2 If you search the internet for “owl teacher” you can see a lot of examples of the owl used as a symbol of learning. There are many schools with owl logos.


3 Unlike many owls in education, the My English School owl doesn’t have the pointy “eyebrows” or ear tufts that make horned owls and eagle owls look so fierce. We used a friendly-looking barn owl with a heart-shaped face as a model.


4 Although many “smart” owls wear spectacles, ours doesn’t. He has perfect vision! He’s holding a pencil, which represents our intention to help children not just with reading but also with the related but more advanced task of composition.


5 Some people think our owl is a boy because he’s blue, but blue isn’t just for boys. Disney’s Cinderella has a beautiful blue dress! Regardless of whether they are boys or girls, our students love our owl! At My English School (Jurong East), students competed to color owl pictures and make owls from recycled materials. Here are some of their creations.


6 You’ll have a chance to meet our owl mascot whenever we have a roadshow or open house. Here he is with some friends at My English School (Choa Chu Kang)! We hope you love him as much as we do!