My First English Class (2.5 years and up)

mfec-lgChildren from two-and-a-half thrive in a comfortable and conducive learning environment. The important thing at this age is that your child is able to concentrate when something has grabbed his or her attention. It is also a time where the child is likely to be chatty, to mimic and to express him or herself.  As such, your child will try to construct simple sentences and attempt to grasp grammar concepts.

My First English Class is a set of English lessons designed for kids in this age group to help initiate their ability to express themselves.

In My First English Class, your child will enjoy interacting with other children while working to improve his or her oral language skills through our individualised, structured programme.

Our activity-based programme will be presented with age-appropriate challenges and learning opportunities. These activities include “Show-&-Tell”, “Letter Games”, the singing of nursery rhymes and story time.

Structured English classes for children

Children in My First English Class learn to enjoy books as the teacher engages them in active listening and looking during story time. They improve their fine motor control through simple classroom-based activities. They learn intonation, rhythm, pronunciation, and articulation through songs and rhymes. In My First English Class, we also teach kids to confidently address a group aloud. They build stronger vocabularies using pictures of animals, objects and people.

At two-and-a-half or three years old, your child is ready to make friends and play cooperatively with other children in My First English Class. He or she will learn to interact with classmates and teachers politely, confidently and cheerfully through exchanging greetings and responding appropriately to questions and instructions.

Our experienced teachers are ready to stimulate, reward, and support your child embarking on a literacy journey.

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