Reading Programme

My English Reading Programmes equip children with the building blocks of language and literacy learning. The My English Reading Programme is more than just a phonics programme. Phonics is only one of the steps in a structured learning process. My English Reading Programme uses the same key elements that were derived from the research on reading:

  • Phonemic Awareness

    • Blending and segmentation to aid in reading and spelling
    • Letter-sound relationships
  • Decoding (Phonics)

    • Relationship between letters in written form and sounds in spoken form
    • Synthetic, Analytic and analogy-based approaches
  • Reading Fluency

    • Provides bridge between word recognition and comprehension
    • Repeated monitored oral reading improves reading fluency and overall reading achievement
  • Vocabulary development

    • Direct and Indirect methods of learning
  • Reading comprehension strategies

    • Monitoring comprehension
    • Graphic and semantic organizers

What makes the My English Reading Programme truly stand out in a Singaporean context is that it incorporates:

  • Reading and understanding
  • Age and ability appropriate materials
  • A holistic educational journey encompassing global practices in a localised package
  • Alignment of My English Primary Programme and educational aims with the Ministry of Education (Singapore)

My English Reading Programme comprises 5 levels. Language learning is spiral and progressive, hence every level of the reading programme is designed to reinforce and build on the prior knowledge of the child.


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