Primary Programme


  • 1Give students a strong foundation in core English skills
  • 2Enable students to use English knowledge in school and life
My Primary English Programmes
Relevant Content
  • Aligned to the MOE English Language syllabus
  • Reflects the new PSLE examination format
  • Planned by a team of experts comprising of former MOE English Language Level Heads and native English teachers with linguistic academic qualifications from reputable universities
  • Reviewed and updated continuously
Effective Teaching
  • Small class size
  • Qualified English teachers
  • Regular feedback and comments provided to students and parents
  • Weekly lessons
  • Review Papers
  • Practice Papers
  • Test Papers
MOE English Language Syllabus
Productive Skill: Writing*
  • Narratives
  • Personal recounts
  • Notes/letters/email
  • Poetry
  • Procedures
  • Lists
  • P1 to 3
  • Explanations
  • Information reports
  • Factual recounts
  • P4
  • Expositions
  • Notices
  • P5, P6
Productive Skill: Speaking
  • Reading with expression
  • Presenting ideas and information clearly
  • Expressing opinions
  • Engaging in ‘stimulus-based conversation’*
Knowledge about Language: Grammar and Vocabulary
  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Cloze passages
  • Open-ended cloze passages*
  • Editing
  • Synthesis and transformation
Receptive Skills: Reading, Listening & Viewing
  • Multiple-choice comprehension questions
  • Open-ended comprehension questions
  • Visual text comprehension questions*
*These activities are updated to follow the new PSLE exam format.
My Primary English Class Lesson Types
  • Weekly Lessons
    Weekly lessons focus on different aspects of English language skills (e.g. writing, oral and grammar)
  • Review Papers
    Review Papers that periodically assess acquired knowledge and skills
  • Practice Papers
    Practice Papers that prepare students for mid-year and end-of-year exams
  • Test Papers & Test Reviews
    Test Papers and Test Reviews as part of a rigorous preparation for PSLE

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