My PSLE Preparation Class

My English School now offers a course called My PSLE Preparation Class. This ten-month course, which starts 2 November 2015 and finishes in September 2016, helps prepare students for the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE).

Our course provides intensive instruction in all four areas of the PSLE English examination and reflects the 2015 changes to the PSLE examination format. Exam sections that have changed are marked with an asterisk (*) below.

Paper 1: Writing (55 marks)
Situational Writing
* Continuous Writing

Paper 2: Language Use and Comprehension (95 marks)
Grammar (MCQ)
Vocabulary (MCQ)
Vocabulary Cloze (MCQ)
* Visual Text Comprehension (MCQ)
Grammar Cloze (OE)
Editing for Spelling and Grammar (OE)
Comprehension Cloze (OE)
Synthesis and Transformation (OE)
* Comprehension OE (OE)

Paper 3: Listening Comprehension (20 marks)
* 7 Passages (MCQ)

Paper 4: Oral Communication (20 marks)
Reading Aloud
* Stimulus-Based Conversation

These new exclusive materials have been created by our own curriculum team. The lessons combine expertise from former MOE English subject heads at well-regarded MOE schools with language expertise contributed by our foreign native speaker curriculum writers.

In the PSLE Preparation course as well as throughout our primary programme, the focus areas of the curriculum are writing and speaking, since productive literacy skills are more difficult to master than receptive skills and since our teachers can give targeted feedback in the small-class setting. However, to better prepare Primary 6 students for the PSLE, our curriculum team has designed this course to reinforce literacy skills using exercises in the same formats students will see in the exam in papers 1 to 4.

The core written or visual text of each lesson serves as the focus for related activities in one or more of the following areas:

  • Writing
  • Visual Text Comprehension
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Reading Aloud

In addition to a core text, each themed lesson has:

  • an editing exercise
  • discussion questions to spark conversation, sometimes accompanied by a visual stimulus
  • a grammar component or a synthesis-and-transformation component
  • a vocabulary component

The class is conducted once a week, 2 hours per session.

To join a class, contact the centre nearest you for times, prices and availability.