The MES DifferenceWhy should I enrol with My English School?

A good command of English is essential for success at school and later in life. Through systematic interactive small-group teaching, our programmes ensure that your child is equipped with the writing and understanding skills necessary for thinking creatively and critically.

Our reading programme and primary English programme lay a solid foundation in English Literacy. Our classes give young learners from 2.5 years up to 12 years the opportunity to improve their English language skills and ultimately to excel.

Learn English for school. Learn English for life.

Who developed the curriculum for My English School?

The materials were developed by our capable and experienced in-house curriculum team for the exclusive use of My English School centres.

Who are the teachers?

Our teachers embody what our programme stands for. With a multi-national mix of personalities, our teachers are able to conduct key lessons in a creative and engaging manner. All teachers for the upper levels are native English speakers, carefully selected for their qualifications and experience.

How do I know if my child is doing well?

We understand the concerns you have about your child’s progress. Our teachers will record the learning outcomes of each individual student throughout the term and the findings will be conveyed to parents at through the Parent-Teacher Meetings at the end of each term. Alternatively, you can make a separate appointment to speak to the teacher through the Centre Manager. Our teachers are approachable and time permitting, would be happy to speak with you at any time.

What happens if my child is unable to attend a lesson?

They will be given a make-up session subject to our Terms and Conditions. Arrangements will have to be made through the Centre Manager.

When are centres open?

Please see our centre locations page for our hours of operation. See our course calendar for dates when we are closed for course holidays and public holidays. Changes to the calendar will be posted in the announcements section.

Is there a scientific approach behind the My English School Reading Programme? What is it?

The My English Reading Programme has its roots in the reading programme promoted by Rudolf Flesch and the research that was done since in the field of linguistics since culminating in the “Reading First Program” that is widely promoted by the U.S. Department of Education. My English Reading Programme consists of the same key elements like the ones that were the result of the scientific-research based report that reviewed more than 100,000 studies on reading:

  • Phonemic  awareness (Blending, Segmention and identification and manipulation of sounds in words)
  • Decoding (Phonics)
  • Reading Fluency
  • Vocabulary development
  • Reading comprehension strategies

What makes the My English Reading Programme unique in the Singaporean context is that it incorporates:

  • Reading and understanding (comprehension)
  • Efficient and age appropriate materials for young learners
  • Materials that can be used in a local context with view broadening a child’s field of experience
  • Integration towards the My English Primary Programme and the requirements learning outcomes as set-out by the Ministry of Education

How much will the respective programme cost?

Our initial assessment is free of charge. Our programmes are priced on a termly basis. Please contact your nearest centre for more information.

How long is the expected progression to the next level?

The My English Reading Programmes are ability-based programmes. Students are promoted to the next level when they consistently achieve the required learning outcomes for the programme that they are currently enrolled in. The outcomes are monitored and recorded continually by the teacher who will make the necessary recommendations.

The My English Primary Programme is a year-long programme that guides students through a meticulous process of learning in their respective levels. They will gain the skills and nuances needed when speaking publicly and be encouraged to apply critical thinking and independent learning.