My English Foundation Class

mfec-lgBy now, the speech and language development of the child has progressed. Children three and up can receive instructions well and are ready to take on more responsibility. Learning to read is a continuous and gradual process that starts early on, when your child first makes connections between the words he or she hears you read and the marks and symbols on a printed page.

In My English Foundation Class, your child will gain the skills needed to progress to a complete phonics program while building expressive, listening, and social skills.

In this class, there is a stronger focus on each child’s individual articulation. The goal is for the child to become familiar with the entire possible range of English sounds in isolation and in combination with other word sounds. Each child must learn how to distinguish and reproduce initial consonant and vowel sounds of words for a comprehensive selection of objects and people.

The dual challenge is to communicate the concept of a single isolated sound to the child and to teach the child to produce the full range of sounds accurately. Children develop the ability to form the correct responses to prompts for the initial sounds of words at different rates, so our teachers tailor the phonics awareness portions of the lessons to each child’s needs.

Class time also includes story time and fine motor activities. Children continue to build presentation skills and vocabulary.

Our experienced teachers know how to instill the concepts and behaviours needed to help your child progress smoothly towards the reading program, regardless of age.

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