My Reading Readiness Class

In My Reading Readiness Class, your child will gain the advanced phonics manipulation skills needed to progress to the reading class while building oral fluency, listening and comprehension skills.

Lively oral activities will engage children’s minds in the challenge of detecting English sounds in combination. Exciting games and rewards motivate students to learn how to make words by hearing the component sounds spoken separately.

Children gain the critical mental key to understanding the functioning of the alphabet. They gain not only the ability to recognise and produce the symbols that represent the English language, but the realisation that the letters are used to represent the sounds they hear — in a way that is fundamentally, if not always actually, logical and predictable.

Children continue to build vocabulary through repeated exposure to the phonics practice words. Homework activities engage students’ visual, creative, and fine motor skills in support of the programme goals.

All classroom and homework activities are practical preparation for reading with an eye to recognition of sound patterns and combinations.

Oral fluency skills are developed more fully at this level as students are expected to be more independent and confident in their oral presentations.

Story time engages children’s imaginations and critical thinking skills, as they consume and react to the people, animals, and situations described and depicted in the story. They learn to answer questions about how the story might end, or how the characters are feeling as the events unfold.

Our experienced teachers know how to introduce the oral skills in increasing difficulty while involving students at multiple levels to ensure that each child happily progresses at his or her own rate towards the reading programme, regardless of age.

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