Giselle progressed from basic phonics to independent reading in a year

“A lot of kindergartens in Singapore cannot provide the focus on a single-language development like the way English enrichment centres are able to do. Phonics is a critical foundation for learning English. Sending my child to My English School allows her to learn English the right way from a young age and especially during her critical learning years.

“Prior to enrolling in My English School, I did some research and made comparison with a few other English enrichment centres. I prefer My English School’s curriculum to the others. My English School also provides a flexible replacement class system if my child is not able to attend class. My child had shown a tremendous improvement after 1 year in My English School; from basic Phonics to reading a passage by herself. That’s why we are still with My English School now.

“English is not my first language. My child is able to correct my pronunciation when I practice reading with her at home.  It proved that the teacher at My English School had put a lot of effort into teaching my child and has built a strong foundation in English.

“My child is motivated and has shown great interest in learning English. On top of that, she consistently scores 10 out of 10 in her spelling test every week.

“Children in My English School receive top-notch / professional guidance from the teachers. Teachers are meticulous and patient. Centre staff are very friendly. The new location in Tampines is spacious and bright and conducive for learning. Most importantly, my child has made tremendous improvement in her English. I have confidence that she will continue to make good progress in her English under the guidance of My English School.”

—mum of Giselle (age 6, My Reading Class)


在报读语言中心前,了解过几个补习中心。比较喜欢My English School的教材,而且中心能够在某些孩子无法到中心补习的突发情况下,灵活安排补课。经过一年的学习,我的孩子能够从基础发音到阅读文章,进步很大。所以孩子也一直留在此补习中心。