Syukran has improved in reading and writing every day

“My child was not able to read well. He had difficulty writing even the basic words. he felt out of place in school because he was the only student who had difficulty in reading and writing.

“I did research online on My English School and there were pretty much a lot of great reviews by parents who had sent their children there. I decided to send my child to My English School and I must say, the results were really good.

“I reached home after a long day at work and saw my child reading a book. It was quite surprising because he barely reads. He was able to read and speak fluent English and that was when I realised my child was improving.

“My child being able to read, write and speak fluent English has made me the happiest. He is improving each day and I do not regret sending my child to My English school.

“Sending my child to My English School was one of the best decisions I have made. I never regretted it, and you won’t too!”

—mum of Syukran (age 9, My Primary 2 English Class)