My Intensive Reading Readiness Workshop

Reading-Readiness-Workshop-300pxThis December, My English School is offering a workshop to help prepare Kindergarten students for a reading class.

Target Group: Students from K1 – K2

Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes (including short break with snack)

Solid knowledge of letter sounds is critical for reading readiness. Our teachers will demonstrate and reinforce letter sounds as needed within the student group using a mix of songs & games and visual & aural stimuli. Digraph sounds can also be covered if necessary.

Our teachers will also engage students in games and oral activities to strengthen their ability to distinguish the individual sounds of a spoken syllable and to combine individual spoken sounds into syllables.

The most difficult skill for reading readiness students is to blend words beginning with consonant pairs. Practice is the key! Before they can join a reading class, students are expected to be able to blend words consisting of two consonants followed by a vowel followed by a consonant. Is your child ready?

Ask our friendly front desk for workshop timings and prices!