Angelina pronounced and used the word ‘persevere’ correctly!

“As Angelina will be starting primary education next year, I hope that she can be prepared in writing proper English sentences and in spelling, besides just being conversant in the language.

“My English school is a preferred choice mainly due to its convenient location, patient teachers and the structured syllabus in accordance to the varying abilities of children.

“I knew Angelina was improving when we had this conversation about her homework:

Me: Angelina, let’s skip this question and come back to it again later.
Angelina: No, we must persevere and cannot give up.

“I was surprised that she pronounced ‘persevere’ accurately and used the word in a correct context. She is also improving in her blending of words and spelling.

“Angelina’s steady progress by the day has made me happy.”

—mum of Angelina (age 6, My Reading Class)