Eselle’s English communication skills have improved noticeably

“English is the main communication language in school. An adequate level of understanding is essential for my child’s learning process. She might have difficulties in school if she doesn’t understand the teachings in English.

“When we were shopping, my daughter saw and pronounced ‘Adidas’. I was pleasantly surprised that she has never heard of the word and managed to do it on her own then.

“She has made progressive improvement in her English, as I have noticed, and she is able to communicate sufficiently with her peers and teachers now. I look forward to her continued improvement in the future.

“English language is the universal/primary language that we all have to master. It is essential that we learn it correctly the first time. Better to spend that money now rather than on rectifying it later (at much higher costs)!”

—mum of Eselle (age 7, My Primary 1 English Class)