Charlene is now very prepared and ready for P1


“I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to My English School. In my generation, we never learnt to pronounce English words correctly. I never liked or understood phonics and did not understand how to break down each word. I even had problems with the correct pronunciation of ch, sh, and th.

“I came to know My English School by searching around in Jurong East. I wanted to give it a try, so I let my girl Charlene join My English Foundation. My girl was delighted as English was already her favourite language. She started to learn to understand each pronunciation, blending of word and now, after two years, she is in reading class with My English School. Charlene is now very prepared and ready for Primary 1.

“The classes are conducted by foreign teachers. Charlene loves the fun and activities in class and is always excited to go for her class on Sunday. Now she is already learning spelling and although spelling is always the hardest part during learning English, she always wants to get full marks so that she can get a very happy face drawn by her teacher. She reads very well now, and will pick up story books and also read again and again before her class starts.

My English School follows the MOE Syllabus and the content is never boring. English is important in Singapore, and having a good English enrichment class is very important. I am glad that my Charlene knows how to read a complete book now.

“Keep up the good work and once again, a big thank you to the teachers and staff at My English School.

—mum of Charlene (age 6, My Reading Class)