Sanjay and Janesh benefit from teachers’ encouragement

Sanjay-Janesh“Both of my sons are students at My English School. They enjoy having lessons and always look forward to the next class. The teacher has done a great job with my older son, Sanjay. Sanjay has been with this enrichment school for the past 3 years and has improved a lot. I was proud of him when he received the ‘Best in Progress for English’ last year. He did well for this year’s semestral examination, too.

“I am thankful to the teacher for his constant encouragement and patience as my son is quite active and it is not easy to get him to focus during lessons. My son loves writing for his mini book collection now because his teacher has a good influence on his pupils as he himself loves to write books. My younger son, Janesh, can pronounce the different letters of the alphabet now. He struggled a lot with identifying and pronouncing the letters of the alphabet before I signed him up for lessons at My English School. I am thankful to his teacher for her patience and constant feedback about Janesh’s progress.

“I am also thankful to the front desk staff, who are ever so helpful and warm with my boys and me. I really appreciate the generous constant supply of colouring materials of different cartoons that keeps kids occupied while waiting for their parents to pick them up after their lessons.”

—Mum of Sanjay (age 5, My Primary 2 Class) and Janesh (age 5, My Reading Class)