Elson wrote a show-and-tell script by himself for homework.

What concerns did you have about your child’s reading or English skills before joining My English School?

I concern on writing, speaking, listening comprehension.

Describe a memorable moment that made you realise your child was improving.

He able to write sentences after several classes. Teacher giving a lot of ideas to him, making improvement that made me very happy. I was surprised that my son that he wrote his own show-and-tell script without my help after a term.

What has made you happiest about sending you child to My English School?

Initially, he could only write short sentences but after one month, he was able to write compositions using good adjectives. I’m very glad and his father is happy too.

What would you say to recommend My English school to a parent who shares concerns similar to yours?

I will strongly recommend my friend’s children when they are weak in English language. I’m proud that my son has shown a great improvement.

—mum of Elson (age 6, My Primary Preparation Class & My Primary 1 English Class)