After a few lessons, Joy (age 3) was excited to go to English class

What concerns did you have about your child’s reading or English skills before joining My English School?
She was not able to recognise much words and she got mixed up with some words as well. She spoke to her teachers in English in school but they were not in proper sentences.

Why did you choose My English School?
I got to know My English School through some friends’ introduction. I began to research them online and manage to attend the assessment class. She surprised me when we attended the assessment class with the words narration with pictures.

Describe a memorable moment that made you realise you child was improving.
She began to spoke to us in sentences when we are having conversation. We often spoke in Mandarin before attending the class. But certainly she have began to love this English language.

What has made you happiest about sending your child to My English School?
During the first few lessons, she seemed afraid and no confident in herself. But after a few lessons, she was very anticipate and excited whenever we told her tonight there is English class and often she told us how she lover her English teacher.

What would you say to recommend My English School to a parent who shares concerns similar to yours?
Although the assessment don’t really tell much but we should try to let our children develop and learn in the first few steps to engage them to love English class.

—parents of Joy (age 3, My English Foundation Class)

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