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Lucy Day Werts and Jenny See are two key curriculum designers for My English School.


Lucy Day has been in Singapore since late 2008 and initially worked as an editor for a local media company before she started teaching English literacy to young learners in the pre-primary and primary age groups. After she taught for some years she took on additional responsibilities contributing to the curriculum of My English School.


Her combination of skills and experience make her an ideal fit for this role to the benefit of all My English School students.

She brings:

  • Passion for and understanding of the needs of students in Singapore in the pre-primary and primary age groups combined with a global, multicultural perspective founded on study of multiple foreign languages as well as extensive travel around the US, Europe and Asia.
  • High marks reflecting a strong academic background from leading American schools like Woodward Academy, where she earned her high school degree, and the University of Chicago where she earned bachelor’s degrees in both linguistics and computer science.
  • Deep understanding of English as a language rooted in strong and abiding personal interest in addition to undergraduate study in linguistics at one of the oldest and largest linguistics departments in the world.
  • Detailed knowledge of the process of creating educational materials, of how printed media must be planned, developed and polished, gained from four years of experience at Princeton University Press on the campus of Princeton University.
  • Longstanding proven interest in educating and entertaining children of all ages that predates her entry into the full-time job market upon the completion of her studies.

Jenny was a teacher with Singapore’s Ministry of Education from 2001 to 2014. Within the ministry she had the opportunity to experience a variety of teaching and leadership roles in the primary education field with a focus on the English language. Her last role was Level Head for English in one of the leading primary schools in Singapore.


Jenny’s longstanding experience within the Singapore school system and in the English language domain ensures that My English School’s primary curriculum is relevant to students’ learning at MOE schools.

She brings:

  • Passion for and understanding of the English language needs of primary students in Singapore gained through many years of teaching in local primary schools.
  • Deep knowledge of English language syllabus content gained through involvement in and oversight of the implementation and improvement of English language curriculum materials.
  • Insight into expectations for student performance and methods for meeting learning outcomes gained through setting, vetting, and marking English language examination papers and assessments.
  • Detailed understanding of MOE’s English Language instructional philosophy gained by means of involvement in and contribution to STELLAR, the new PSLE examination format, PERI Holistic Assessments and multidisciplinary learning journeys.
  • A strong academic background with qualifications from the National Institute of Education (NIE) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU). She holds a Bachelor’s in Education and a Master’s in Education (Learning Sciences & Technologies).

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